Monday, April 21, 2008

Versos en cutiverio/Verses in Captivity

Verses in Captivity
Juan Nicolás Tineo

Translation by Karla Coreas © 2008


20 miles I’ve traveled
to see my hair fly away (disappear)
enjoying the drunkenness of my pores

Loved one, make of this carrion
as you wish
I can’t struggle
I’ve exhausted, without trying,
all my strength


So you don’t forget me,
on your window, if you look
you’ll find my eyes nailed
reflecting the sweetness of my voice
famished chant of my hairs

On your window, if you look
you’ll see that in quiet nights
undying, I see the lucid skin
of your numbed feet.

On your window, if you look
you’ll realize
that days go by, nights go by
and I have not left.

On your window, if you look
you’ll find with haste my look
on the lost heights.

On your window, if you look
you’ll notice that on those illuminated nights
time drew my proud figure.


Since, every minute is enough
the waters of my seas flow
drowning foam on your waist.

My hands are no longer mine
I think, if you let me
I sleep, if you silence
because I need your words
to create my own.


Then, I conjugate a dream
where you are the model verb
where anxiety is eternal
when you distant you body

On that dream, my hallucinations (fantasy)
draw you on my gray eyes
then you embalm me
in a spasm of nirvana
everything turns back to normal
I am who I am
not the one you want me to be.


Fishing boat
here it is the solitaire light house
of the abandoned port
the one that after your unsuccessful search
you’ll take to bed
your yet ardent thighs

Even when you make of me your martingale
you are always distant


You leave the meadow
you expose your body white island
you go by, you walk making noise in silence
you do not say a word
you make ‘mandinga’
stones fly
seaweed walks
birds navigate
inside my infinite


The arms of my eyelashes shake the air
they talk making gestures
riding bare my horizon
closes the cell Don Quijote
I, the roaring lion, incline myself
I bow
I have not done my time
I will not abandon my cell
let me love you, let me lull my hopes


When for some reason I can’t see you
feel the heights of Machu Picchu
that live in the underworld of your skin
the alien frees the white rocks, the seaweed,
the wild birds
that live in my stomach
sleep, they sleep with Merlin
in the Montesino’s cave.


Navigating on the river of your body
joyful I lose my way
thinking I would not leave
I dreamed of seeing my roots grow
reproduce myself, multiply my cells
bathe my illusions on you

I navigated as much as I wanted
being able to drown the arms of my love
in the river of your body

Perhaps, on the shore of your island I drowned.
maybe, in the ocean of your legs I sailed out.

But, who do you think you are?
I am far; I still remember the inferno of your body
the nightmare of your kisses,
the provisions of your lust
the tumultuous prelude of your breasts.